Tomahawk 🥩 Sharer

Tomahawk 🥩 Sharer


An absolute STAND OUT dish! We're very, very excited to introduce you to;


1.1kg 28 day aged tomahawk steak flame fried & roasted with handmade triple cooked chips, Jason's macaroni & cheese, Stilton & tarragon stuffed mushrooms, fresh vine cherry tomatoes, Bloody Mary butter & a peppercorn sauce


Our innovative preparation means that this is no ordinary food box. We have done all of the hard work for you, its basically as close as we can get to delivering our food straight to your table in the pub!


This is no ordinary food box, this is a Gastro to Go box

Main meal 


28 Day aged tomahawk

Macaroni cheese

Stilton & tarragon flat mushroom

Bloody Mary butter

Triple cooked chips

Vine cherry tomatoes

Charred confit shallots

Peppercorn sauce