About Us


Honest hospitality with fresh food, great venues & experiences.


We began Yummy in 2007 with our first pub; the Wiremill in Surrey. Having met over a number of years working together in sales & hospitality we decided to put our money where our mouth was & give it a shot. 11 years later we have self funded the development to six pubs, investing every penny of profit along the way to grow our group.

First & foremost we are a people business, we love developing innovative talents & seeing individuals shine in the business. We love to create different & colourful approaches to running pubs, it’s what’s always made us tick from hotel rooms in unused spaces to meeting & dining rooms hidden behind bookcases to cinema’s in basements.

Our goal is to continue to build the business, have the time to watch our own families grow & be there for our kids & to enjoy every hour. Running your own business requires huge sacrifice, but the upside is incredible.