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Honest hospitality with fresh food, great venues & experiences.


We began Yummy in 2007 with our first pub; the Wiremill in Surrey. Having met over a number of years working together in sales & hospitality we decided to put our money where our mouth was & give it a shot. 11 years later we have self funded the development to six pubs, investing every penny of profit along the way to grow our group.

First & foremost we are a people business, we love developing innovative talents & seeing individuals shine in the business. We love to create different & colourful approaches to running pubs, it’s what’s always made us tick from hotel rooms in unused spaces to meeting & dining rooms hidden behind bookcases to cinema’s in basements.

Our goal is to continue to build the business, have the time to watch our own families grow & be there for our kids & to enjoy every hour. Running your own business requires huge sacrifice, but the upside is incredible.



Colour .

Innovation .

Fun .



just three

guys …


…& 107 incredible people. Yummy is owned by the three equal partners; Anthony, Jason & Tim. Each of us come from varied backgrounds crossing paths whilst working for Carlsberg UK (although Jason was never actually on the official books…).

Anthony joined Carlsberg UK as a graduate trainee & worked with Tim who was in marketing whilst running an area in the south coast. During a number of projects & winning the supply contract for Sussex County cricket club the guys met Jason who was the exec chef for the ground. After a beer or two the three guys decided it was a good idea to partner with a fourth partner (Colin) & start the business. After looking at over 100+ venues the guys stumbled upon The Wiremill, Surrey. The site was part of the Massive Pub Co. & in truth neglected. Scraping every penny they could together the guys bought the pub & the rest as they say is history.

Colin has since left the business to continue with his own adventures & the three guys now run Yummy, the six sites & the 107+ staff. In the 11 years since it’s infancy the landscape of hospitality has transformed in all recognition, but the ethics of Yummy are bolder than ever; the business is run with Innovation, Colour & fun.

The journey continues…

If you want to keep up to speed on any new news, new sites, new innovation then simply sign up below, Tim may even start writing his blogs again very soon, an entertaining read for anyone looking to get their nose onto the other side of the bar!




We’re always recruiting, we always have opportunities in the business as long standing members of the team decide to move on with their careers or we create new opportunities in the business, it’s a faced paced environment and we embrace developing raw talent, it’s one of our strengths.

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